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The Cheeses

Gafr Las
Gafr Las, a blue goats cheese made near the Brecon Beacons, Waleses

Award winning Gafr Las, or Blue Goat, is a soft, mould-ripened blue goat's cheese. It is matured for about a month before eating and will continue to mature in the fridge after purchase.

Its subtle but medium blue flavour and fresh taste make it perfect for someone who is new to blue goat's milk cheese. 

Marta gafr
Manchego goats cheese ripening at Bryngaer Goats near Llandovery
Chunks of Welsh Manchego goats cheese called Marta Gafr

Marta gafr, or Marta Goat, is a harder, Manchego-style goat's cheese. They are made as large 6kg cheeses, washed in brine, and matured for at least two months. 

The quality of the goat's milk shines through giving the cheese a fresh taste. Its texture is semi-hard and slightly crumbly. This cheese can be purchased as the full size wheels or more commonly as wedges.

Manchego cheese originates from Spain and so I have named it after my Spanish friend, Marta! The cheese is traditionally made with sheep's milk but these days is often made with sheep, goat, or cow's milk or a combination of these.

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